Friday, July 04, 2008

Explaining the demise of the Liberal community in the Blogosphere

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corriente - a couple pithy remarks which ring true.

Submitted by vastleft on Thu, 2008-07-03 17:15.
I was a little surprised that your leading thrust is that we should hew closely to issues of personal interest.

I was expecting the topic here would be about the health of the blogosphere and the need to change, upgrade, or replace it, to get something different and better.

Maybe my expectations were just off — is this not about PB 2.0?

Though in some ways — especially on voting records — I don’t have any problem with people suggesting similarities between the final two Dem candidates for president in ’08, the notion that all pols suck equally is IMHO dangerously reductive.

“Everything is everything” and issues-only focus become carte blanche for not caring about dimensions like dishonesty, hypocrisy, truthiness, unfair play, and low-quality media coverage and prevailing wisdoms.

Your record during this campaign speaks for itself — you’ve called bullshit on many such matters IIRC, not confining yourself to an issues-only view.

To me, again my apologies if I’m mistaking the topic you’re intending to address here, PB 2.0 is about recognizing that and how truthiness and groupthink destroyed the integrity of the citizen journalism movement that was so valuable in documenting and helping fight against Bush’s sins.

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Professional manipulation
Submitted by Truth Partisan on Thu, 2008-07-03 17:16.
Although BTD may applaud the professional approach, in part what happened was that Obama’s campaign hired bloggers and used volunteers to post pro-Obama pieces and anti-other-candidate comments in many places.

I wonder why everyone is now calling the DailyKos 'the Cheetoh'? I can't disagree but it would probably be funny to find the origin of the phrase. Ya gotta laugh or else you'll cry.

Where to go for reasoned dissent from spoon-fed garbage from both the right and left is getting harder and harder to find. Those who supported Obama by destroying blog communities on the left will come to regret it, I think.

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